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Spending hours every day scanning lists of recently expired domains for your next domain flip or brandable business name? We got you! Our AI-powered platform does the heavy lifting: filtering, analyzing, and rating over 100,000 dropped domains daily. So you don't have to! Start finding valuable domains in minutes.

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So, you can focus on Developing and Selling Domains!

Our AI-engine is running 24/7, analyzing each and every domain that expires. The outcome is a database of millions of expired domains, that are rated from 0 to 100 based on their quality (see our Brandability & Resellability Score below). Just pick a name from the list and register it with your favorite registrar.
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Our Promise to You

The Brandability & Resellability Score

Our 0 - 100 rating system is based on eight criteria, from Keyword Analysis to Market Differentiation. The higher the score, the better the chance of brandability and resellability. While we can't guarantee a domain's future value, we can guarantee that our AI-driven rating system will help you sift through the noise.

Only .com domains.
Even though we love all TLDs equally, .com domains still the best and offer unparalleled recognition and trustworthiness.
Only A to Z.
While numbers, dashes, and special characters can sometimes offer quirky domain choices, they often dilute a domain's universal appeal.
Only Recognizable Keywords.
We perform dictionary analysis against every expired domain, so that each of our domains will not only sound good but also resonate with meaning.
Only Good Vibes.
We're committed to offering domains that are clean, professional, and free from negative associations.
AI-Driven Domain Expertise.
Each domain that we rate is analyzed by our proprietary AI engine, which considers eight criteria to determine a domain's Brandability & Resellability Score.
Curated Domain Tiers.
Based on their score, we categorize all domains into: Gold, Silver, Bronze, Coal. This way, you can quickly identify the best domains for your needs.


Hobby Domainer or Serious Investor?

Start free-of-charge with limited access to domains. Once you feel comfortable, go with a paid tier to get access to higher-rated domains.

Remember, selling even one domain found on DroppedHub may already cover the yearly fee 10x.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find the answer you're looking for? Shoot us an email: info@droppedhub.com

What is a dropped domain?
A dropped domain is a web address that was previously registered but was not renewed by the owner before the expiration date. As a result, it becomes available for re-registration by anyone.
What is the lifecycle of a domain?
The domain lifecycle comprises several stages: **Domain Registration**: Registrants can register a domain for up to 10 years. The domain has a public expiration date, and if not renewed by then, it's marked as expired. **Domain Expires**: If not renewed, the domain is considered expired and enters the Redemption Grace Period. **Auto-Renew Grace Period**: Post-expiration, the registry assumes the domain will auto-renew. The registrar has 0-45 days to delete the domain if not renewed. **Grace Period (RGP)**: Once deleted due to expiration, the domain enters a 30-day Redemption Grace Period. Original registrants can redeem the domain for a fee. **Pending Delete**: If not redeemed during RGP, the domain moves to "Pending Delete" status, lasting for 5 days. **Drop Catch**: After "Pending Delete", the domain becomes publicly available, and drop catch services like DropCatch.com try to register it instantly and auction it off among their users. **Registration**: However, only a tiny fraction of domains is being auctioned on a daily basis, the remainder will be available to be registered by anyone.
Why would someone want a dropped domain?
There are several reasons: the domain may have a high domain authority, existing backlinks, a recognizable brand name, or a keyword-rich URL. Acquiring such domains can give a head start in search engine optimization (SEO) and branding efforts.
Are there risks involved in purchasing dropped domains?
Yes. The domain might have been penalized by search engines, involved in malicious activities, or carry a negative reputation. It's essential to conduct thorough research and possibly consult an SEO expert before purchasing.
How soon can I register a domain after it drops?
Once a domain drops, it enters a "redemption period" which lasts for 30 days. If it's not reclaimed by the original owner, it's released to the public and can be registered by anyone. However, some domains might be snapped up within seconds after release using automated tools. All others land here at DroppedHub.com.
Are all dropped domains valuable?
No. While some dropped domains have considerable SEO value, branding potential, or traffic, many do not. It's crucial to assess each domain's worth based on its history, backlinks, domain authority, and relevance to your needs.
Do dropped domains retain their SEO value?
To some extent, yes. If the domain has a history of quality content and backlinks, it may retain some of its domain authority. However, if the domain remains inactive for a long time or its content changes dramatically, it might lose SEO value.
Can I see the history of a dropped domain?
Yes, there are tools like the Wayback Machine or domain history checkers that allow users to see archived versions of a website and its historical data. This can provide insights into the domain's past use and value.