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DroppedHub Monthly Stat Report: April 2024 Overview

DroppedHub Monthly Stat Report 2024-04

April has been a bustling month, with significant engagement and activity across all rating categories. Here’s a detailed breakdown of domain registrations and our platform's growth over the past month.

Platform Performance and Growth

Domains Analyzed and Rated

  • Domains Analyzed in April: 3,1m (for a total of 23m since our launch)
  • Domains that didn't make it through our filters: 2,4M (total of 19m)
  • Domains Rated in April: 652k (for a total of 4,5m since our launch)

Domain Registrations by Rating

See how many of our domains were registered in the past month.

Gold Domains

  • Total Registered in April: 1,8k
  • Cumulative Registered Since Launch: 8,8k

Silver Domains

  • Total Registered in April: 4,1k
  • Cumulative Registered Since Launch: 25k

Bronze Domains

  • Total Registered in April: 9,3k
  • Cumulative Registered Since Launch: 54k

Public Domains

  • Total Registered in April: 20k
  • Cumulative Registered Since Launch: 113k

Highlights of the Month

April has proven to be another impressive month at DroppedHub, marked by sustained growth in domain registrations and enhanced analytical capabilities. We analyzed over 3.1 million domains, pushing our total to 23 million since our launch. The growing interest in our platform is reflected in the consistent registration of domains across all categories, particularly the Public domains, which saw a notable increase this month.

As we move forward, our commitment to enhancing the functionality and user-friendliness of DroppedHub remains unwavering. We aim to refine our filtering and rating processes to ensure that our users have access to the best possible domains for their needs. We are excited about the future and look forward to bringing you even more advanced features and tools to help maximize your success in the domain market.

Thank you for your continued support and engagement. We are eager to see what May brings and how our community will continue to grow and thrive with DroppedHub. Here's to finding more hidden gems and capitalizing on the opportunities that await!

For any suggestions or feedback, please reach out to us via [info@droppedhub.com].