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We are revolutionizing domain name discovery with AI-driven insights.

DroppedHub is at the forefront of domain investment technology, offering a unique platform that combines artificial intelligence with comprehensive market analysis. Our tool scrutinizes over 750,000 expired domains weekly, identifying those with the highest potential for success. By focusing on hand-registerable .com domains, we provide unparalleled access to opportunities for brand building, domain flipping, and digital real estate investment.

Our Founder

Till Kahlen is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for domain discovery and a knack for finding the perfect business names for his ideas. His journey in domain investment and flipping began in 2015, marked by a significant domain sale to Wunderlist (now Microsoft) and continued with sales to prestigious buyers such as Harvard University.

After his first sale in 2015, Till began to go deeper into the domain investing sphere and founded domainhacks.info, now, the #1 domain hack generator, used by several thousand people per month. Thus, Till has accumulated nearly a decade of experience in the domaining sphere, as a creator as well as an investor.

Seeing expired domains as a great source for cost-effective domain registration for his domain portfolio, his biggest challenge was the daily, time-consuming process of sifting through lists of hundreds of thousands of expired domains on various platforms.

Recognizing the need for a more efficient approach, he created DroppedHub.com in 2023. Driven by the idea of democratizing access to high-potential domains, DroppedHub harnesses advanced AI to replicate the strategies used by big players in the domain market. Till's vision was to offer this powerful tool as a SaaS solution, making it accessible to everyone from individual entrepreneurs to seasoned domain investors. His goal with DroppedHub is to revolutionize domain discovery, saving users time and enhancing their ability to find and acquire valuable digital assets.

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