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Newly Exired, Dropped and Rated Domains on DroppedHub

A Stats Report for Feb 05 - Feb 11, 2024

DroppedHub Weekly Stat Report 2024-02-11

Hello Domain Enthusiasts,

Another exciting week has passed at DroppedHub.com, and we're eager to share the latest stats and achievements with you.

This Week's Highlights

Domain Activity

  • Expired Domains: Around 698k .com domains expired.
  • Filtered Out: 561k didn't meet our criteria.
  • Rated and Added: A total of 137k domains were rated and added.
    • Gold Tier: 4.2k (Rating: 75 - 100)
    • Silver Tier: 9.3k (Rating: 70 - 74)
    • Bronze Tier: 18.3k (Rating: 65 - 69)
    • Public Tier: 106k (Rating: 0 - 64)

Overall Platform Numbers

  • Total Domains on DroppedHub: 3.01M
    • Gold: 45.7k
    • Silver: 219k
    • Bronze: 417k
    • Public: 2.33M

Success Stories Spotlight

Registrations This Week

  • Gold: 231 (Total: 4.1k)
  • Silver: 841 (Total: 13.8k)
  • Bronze: 1.7k (Total: 31.6k)
  • Public: 3.6k (Total: 63.1k)

This brings our weekly total to 6.4k and 112k since launch. Explore our Success Stories

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Thank you for being an integral part of our community. Here's to more successful domain hunting next week!

All best

Till, from DroppedHub.com