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Save You Domain Name Search Filters

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Significant Enhancements to our Search Functionality

At DroppedHub, we're committed to continually evolving our platform to meet the sophisticated needs of domain investors. Following our recent introduction of the 'Search' feature, we're excited to announce several significant enhancements that will transform how you discover domains!

Save and Retrieve Your Filters for Ultimate Convenience

Now, you can save your meticulously set filter preferences for future searches. Imagine specifying 23 filters to pinpoint AI-related domains with up to 3 English dictionary words, rated between 62-82, excluding those ending in 'Dubai' or containing the letter 'e'. (As of writing, 116 domains fit these criteria - showcasing the filters' power!)

Introducing the 'Dynamic Range' Filter

Enhance your search with our new 'Dynamic Range' filter. Instead of fixed dates, you can now opt for shifting time frames, such as "the most recent drop" or "last week". This addition offers unparalleled flexibility in tracking fresh domain opportunities, expecially with the new saved searches! "Show only new domains from last drop" is now possible.

Graduating from Beta: A More Powerful Domain Name Search Tool

We're phasing out the beta phase and fully integrating this advanced search into DroppedHub. This upgraded tool replaces the old domain search, providing a more robust and user-friendly experience.

Accessibility Updates

While all users can utilize filters like Rating, Drop Date, and Availability, signed-in users get exclusive access to all 23 filters and the ability to save their searches.

Next on the Horizon: Email Notifications

We're moving the highly anticipated feature of email notifications based on saved searches from the backlog to the design phase. Stay tuned for this game-changing update!

Your Feedback Drives Us Forward

With these significant changes, we're keen to hear your thoughts. Use our feedback box in the bottom right corner or email us your suggestions.

Start exploring the enhanced search capabilities on DroppedHub today, and experience how these updates revolutionize your domain hunting journey!

Happy Domain Hunting!

All best

Till, from DroppedHub.com

Disclaimer: This blog post introduces the new enhancements on the 'Search' feature on DroppedHub. The functionality, accessibility and features are subject to change based on user feedback and technical enhancements.