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Introducing "Search": Dive Deeper into the DroppedHub Database!

New Feature

Search Capabilities make it Easier to Spot your Next Domain Flip

At DroppedHub, we understand that the key to finding the perfect domain lies in effective search capabilities. That's why we're thrilled to announce our new feature: Search. This powerful tool goes beyond our traditional daily search, allowing you to explore our extensive database of, currently, over 2 million rated domains with precision and ease.

  • What It Offers: Search for any sequence of characters in domain names.
  • Customizations: Choose to search for strings at the start, within, or ending of domain names. Exclude strings or specify length requirements.
  • Focus on Dictionary Words: Specifically target English dictionary words in domain names.
  • Flexibility: Find keywords at the start, within, or at the end of domains, or specify what you don’t want, along with length parameters.

Other Parameters

  • Broaden Your Scope: Filter domains based on Drop Date (range), minimum and maximum Rating, and availability status.

Designed for Precision and Efficiency

Our new Search feature caters to both seasoned domain investors and newcomers. Whether you're looking for domains with specific keywords for SEO purposes, seeking short and catchy names, or filtering based on domain ratings, this tool simplifies it all.

Beta Phase: What You Need to Know

  • Access: Available only to signed-in users during the beta phase.
  • Limit: To ensure optimal performance and prevent spamming, search results are capped at 25,000 domains, which is more than one day worth of expired domains!

Exciting Roadmap Ahead

We're not stopping here! In our commitment to continually enhance your experience, we're working on additional features:

  • Save Your Search: Customize and save your searches for future use.
  • Retrieve Saved Searches: Easily access your previously saved searches.
  • Email Notifications: Get alerts when new domains match your saved searches.

Stay tuned as we roll out these enhancements!

Start Your Advanced Domain Search Today

Log in to your DroppedHub account and start exploring the vast world of domains with our new Search feature. We're eager to see how this tool helps you in your domain investment journey.

As always, we value your feedback. Share your thoughts and suggestions to help us refine and improve.

Happy Domain Hunting!

All best

Till, from DroppedHub.com

Disclaimer: This blog post introduces the new 'Search' feature on DroppedHub, currently in its beta phase. The functionality, accessibility and features are subject to change based on user feedback and technical enhancements.