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DroppedHub Monthly Stat Report: February 2024 Overview

DroppedHub Monthly Stat Report 2024-02

As we shift our Stat Report from a monthly to a monthly update, we're excited to bring you an even more comprehensive look at the activity on DroppedHub. February has been a bustling month, with significant engagement and activity across all rating categories. Here’s a detailed breakdown of domain registrations and our platform's growth over the past month.

Platform Performance and Growth

Domains Analyzed and Rated

  • Domains Analyzed in February: 2,9m (for a total of 17,8m since our launch)
  • Domains that didn't make it through our filters: 2,3M (total of 14,5m)
  • Domains Rated in February: 566k (for a total of 3,3m since our launch)

Domain Registrations by Rating

See how many of our domains were registered in the past month.

Gold Domains

  • Total Registered in February: 1,2k
  • Cumulative Registered Since Launch: 5,0k

Silver Domains

  • Total Registered in February: 3,9k
  • Cumulative Registered Since Launch: 16k

Bronze Domains

  • Total Registered in February: 7,9k
  • Cumulative Registered Since Launch: 36k

Public Domains

  • Total Registered in February: 16k
  • Cumulative Registered Since Launch: 73k

Highlights of the Month

Our Gold and Silver categories showed strong performance, indicative of a healthy interest in premium domains which are pivotal for businesses and personal branding.

As DroppedHub continues to grow, we remain committed to refining our technology and processes. Our mission is to empower you, our users, with the best possible tools for finding and acquiring valuable domains.

We value your feedback as part of the DroppedHub community. Please let us know how these insights impact your domain strategy and how we can further enhance our services to support your success.

Stay tuned for our next update and, as always, happy domain hunting!

For any suggestions or feedback, please reach out to us via [info@droppedhub.com].